Counselling and Psychotherapy With Alan Ackerly

Difficult times are inevitable. Whether the struggles are due to relationships, work, mental health, or anything else, they are all valid and deserving of attention, empathy, and support. At Ackerly Counselling and Psychotherapy, you will be heard and the focus will be on what you determine is most important. While I provide an individualized approach that varies depending on the need of the client, active listening, empathy, and non-judgment serve as the basis of my approach.


Individual Therapy for Adults (Video/Teletherapy Sessions)

I have experience working with clients from 15 years old to adults and welcome any clients within this range.

A Variety of Issues

I am trained to help clients deal with a variety of personal issues including anxiety, grief, trauma, general unhappiness, feelings of loneliness or pointlessness, and issues related to your mental health, relationships, or profession. Do not hesitate to call me and we can discuss your particular concern to see if we are a good fit.

Individualized Approach

My approach varies somewhat depending on the needs of the client. While all clients deserve active listening, empathy, and non-judgment, the focus of therapy is tailored to suit your needs. Common techniques that I incorporate into therapy are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Existentialism in addition to other techniques that may be most supportive for any individual client.